Begin... and Don't Look Back

Have you ever been caught in the nonsense of thinking that starting a new workout routine, or a new way of eating (for lack of better words, diet), should happen on a specific day? For example, telling yourself on a Friday… “On Monday, I am going to start working out every day”, or “On Monday, I am going to cut out all sugar and carbs”. I know I have.

Have you ever noticed that in the couple of days leading up you really aren’t preparing your body for success by the actions you take? Cause lets be real, you probably spend Saturday and Sunday drinking like a fish, eating all the stuff, and relaxing as much as possible to “prepare” for the new lifestyle. But let me ask you another question… how long did the “new” way of life last?

Probably not long, huh? Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because nothing lasts on a snap decision. Nothing lasts when you set goals out of angst, anger, discomfort, or even lack of knowledge. Think about it - when you make those decisions, you probably didn’t research DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), did you? Or how long it takes to burn 1 pound of fat? Or the correct breakdown of macros for your body to sustain your daily lifestyle, or specific workouts? Or the reaction that might occur when you take out something from your daily routine? Did you sit down and plan with a nutritionist? Or a personal trainer? Did you consult with anyone in the field? Probably not, huh?

If you did, GREAT! If you didn’t, it’s ok! I am not pointing out all of this to shame you or make you feel bad. What I am getting at is that things don’t happen overnight. Change, at least, doesn’t happen overnight and it definitely doesn’t happen without planning and preparation. It does, however, happen over time. It’s what I like to call (a term gathered from an old coworker and friend) “the slow game”. And that’s the best way to describe the change - a slow game. Same with my current coursework “Become a Health Coach” - the best advice I have learned so far when getting a client started is “Start LOW, and make changes SLOW”.

As healthcare professionals/advocates, we understand that it isn’t about cutting everything out of your life ASAP - it is about identifying why something became the way it did, and helping you slowly change your lifestyle for the better. Create new habits, break old ones, and help you see that the smallest, and yet simplest, changes are what create the lasting results. Most people don’t realize that your habits are formed from your beliefs. if you tell yourself a specific idea enough, you believe it and you start to live it. For example, looking at others who are slimmer and stating “gosh, I could never look like that” -- you are setting yourself up for that belief. You’re stressing your body by thinking negatively and telling your body to hold on to that belief. Put so beautifully by one of my instructors, was the comment she made regarding excess weight:

“What are the beliefs your excess weight is trying to tell you and the world?”

Let me tell you how simple it is - you can do anything in a stress-free state of being. Because, nothing lasts when you shock your body into change. Your body will become stressed and freak out. Literally. So learning to reduce the stress in your body, make 1% in changes each week, and have a copious amount of patience and trust in the provider helping you to get to your end goal, is what will help you change. It is definitely great to be in the mindset ready for change, but how will you stay there? How will you keep your critter brain, as we call it (or your fear), at bay to keep your forward momentum?

If you don’t TAKE THE TIME to connect with others, especially someone who is a master of habit change, and understand that such change doesn’t happen overnight, you are not setting yourself up for success. Just like your weight gain, or bad habit formed, it didn’t happen in a day… it happened over time.

Trust me when I say, patience and taking your time is hard to do in the day and age of “Instant Gratification” that we live in today, believe me I know - but you are going to fail every time if you think you have to wait for a magic moment to start the process of change.

News flash.


There isn’t a perfect time, There is just here and now. Because, sorry to say, but we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. So why live your life, waiting for the right moment, when anything can happen??

As I stated in my previous blog:

“I have chosen to start over, and will continue to choose to start over. I get the choice and chance to start over each day and I will recommit as many times as I need to, to achieve my goals and dreams.”

And you can do the same. Don’t wait for the right time. Don’t wait for the right pill, the right day, the right diet, the right ANYTHING. Just decide. Decide, and commit. Commit, and recommit, as many times as it takes for you to feel you are achieving your goals. Just live. Just be… be you, be happy, be kind, be positive and don’t forget to say YES to yourself and the things you want. Again, we are not promised tomorrow… so why wait for tomorrow to start something you can BEGIN TODAY??

Find support, accountability and a great system to follow and get on with your goals and dreams and long-lasting changes - if you don’t know where to start, reach out to me! I am happy to help you discover where to begin and how to begin. As a Health Coach, I am here to hold your hand, to be your cheerleader, to be the tough love needed in all aspects of change. I am here to help you find your reason WHY and to remind you every day of your “why”. I am here to help you cross the finish line and live a healthier life, mentally and physically.

Sometimes, figuring out where to begin, and how to begin, are the hardest steps towards the change you want and can visualize. So, don’t wait - just begin… not tomorrow, but today. Begin the process and don’t look back.

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