What's Your Paradigm?

We live in a world full of conditions. Conditions that you will be able to have something IF and only if you are able to achieve a specific goal. For example:

"I will finally be happy when I get to my goal weight"

"I will finally be able to live a life of freedom when I reach this deadline.... or make x amount of money”

Unfortunately, we always set these conditions to things that stress our minds and our bodies out. Why do we feel the need to deprive ourselves and shame ourselves by not accepting the life we have and always wanting something more? Why do we feel like we always have to work towards something better? Why do we always have to feel the wrath of comparing ourselves to the world around us?

I don't know if you can feel it but there is a change in the breeze. There is a movement starting that is liberating ALL of us to be the person we were BORN TO BE. There is a wave of passion crashing into the world we live in that is creating freedom to accept who we are, to stop comparing, to stop setting unrealistic expectations and to learn how to be healthy with the body that we have.

Tell me if this is something you would love:

Waking up every morning with an abundance of happiness, a mind that is clear of all negativity and a life that you can't wait to embrace every day.

I know I would love that! To be honest, I feel like I already have that and I continue to create that kind of life. What kind of influential person would I be if I didn't share this wealth of knowledge?? Would you believe me if I said that it really is simple to obtain? The hardest part is the work you have to put into the change at first until it sticks with you.

All it takes....... is a simple shift in your mindset. Creating a paradigm, so to speak. Mine was (and still is):

I am not defined by my surroundings or the thoughts of others. I am defined by the way I carry myself through adversity. I am not perfect. I am beautifully imperfect. I will not be able to live up to the standards of society. I will be the person God created me to be - I will show love, honesty, peace and humbleness to the world around me.

Once you create your paradigm, you cling to it for dear life. You carry it with you where ever you go, you repeat it to yourself until you can say it in your sleep. You will begin to see the shift in your behaviors and how they align with your OWN standard of life... with your specific paradigm.

So... what life do you want to live? A life of acceptance and full of freedom? Or a life always striving for unrealistic expectations?

What is your paradigm?

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